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Add Another Stream Of Income With ACE

money bag11 Add Another Stream Of Income With ACE

Add streams of income flowing into your bank account

ACE Mystery Shopping is giving you a way to add another stream of income.  Many great financial teachers will tell you to have multiple streams of income.  That doesn’t mean go out and get 3 or 4 additional jobs though.  There is only so much work you can accomplish in one day.  The best kind of income stream are those that are self sustaining or need very little nurturing to grow. ACE has an opportunity for you to add a low maintenance stream of income that flows into your bank account.

The source of this stream of income will be the brand new ACE affiliate/referral program. Here is how it works;

Sign up for the affiliate program on our web site. Click here to get started

Give your unique affiliate link to your friends, family, and complete strangers. The link will be provided after the affiliate sign up. Post on social media, Craigslist, and any other site that you can think of. If you own a website, you can add a banner that is hyperlinked to your affiliate link. 

Encourage those that sign up to go to open opportunities on our website and sign up for shops.

We take care of the rest.  We will let them know when there are shops in their area.

Every time your referral does a shop, you earn $0.50.  That may not seem like much, but when you consider that our active shoppers usually do a shop at least once every 60 days and many of the shoppers we represent do several shops a month, that $0.50 starts adding up real quick. That is residual income. It keeps coming without any extra work on your part.  You can either relax and just let that money roll in or you can continue to add to your stream by putting your link out there more places.

This program is just started and we are seeing a phenomenal response already.  One affiliate has 444 unique clicks on her affiliate link. If every one of those referrals does only one shop, that would be $222!  What is really awesome about that is it has only been 19 days since she has signed up.  If you think that is something, another person has 268 clicks on her profile.  That would be $134 if everyone did one shop!  That is REALLY AMAZING because she has only been doing it for 4 days!!!

I have been saying “if they only do one shop,” but if these referrals behave like ordinary shoppers, they are going to do shops just about every month. Some of these shoppers will do many more than 1 shop a month.  We have shoppers right now that do OVER 20 SHOPS A MONTH by themselves!!!  I have to admit that is not the norm, but all you have to do is get one or two of the people like that to start making, along with your others, to make some pretty good extra change. In fact, we have shoppers that do well over 150 shops a year, all by themselves!  One of the great things about these type of referrals is they don’t need you to keep them going.  They are going to do shops whether you tell them to or not.

Especially if you work as a scheduler for mystery shopping companies, you can make a lot of extra money, without a lot of extra work.  You bring the shoppers to us and we will make sure they get put to work.  Keep an eye on our State mystery shopping communities on Facebook and you can see where we need the most help. The people you refer to are hard to recruit places are sure to get used for shops, over and over again.

Sign up for the affiliate program now. Click here to get started!

John Mark Allen



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